The Ago G5 is a sleek pen style vape with the ability to vaporize in under 5 seconds. It draws its power from an internal lithium ion battery and features a small lcd screen that will let you know how many draws you’v taken and when it’s time to recharge. The Ago G5 is a "dual use" vaporizer which means it supposed to function with dry herb or concentrates. While this can technically be used with dry herb we find that it is really best suited for concentrates. If you're looking for a dry herb pen we suggest you take a look at the Skyda 5

Glass Screen

When you use the Ago without a screen you will experience combustion and damage the heating chamber. Other vendors will not supply you with a screen. Here at Secret Vapor we've got your back. When you buy from us you will receive a small glass screen that is specially designed to slip right into the heating chamber. This will ensure a smoke free therapeutic experience. 


Fill the ceramic heating chamber loosely with one or two hits worth of dry herb. Don’t worry about packing as the internal spring will do that for you. The spring will ensure that your mix is spread throughout the sides of the heating chamber. This will provide a balanced heating of the entire blend. Once the Ago G5 is packed, hold the button for 2 or 3 seconds and help yourself to some fresh vapor.


When the Ago G5 arrives at your door we recommend that you open it up and charge it for 6 hours prior to your first use. This will condition the battery and ensure that you and your vaporizer will have a long happy life together. The charges after your initial 6 hour charge should only take around 2 hours. To charge you have the option to plug into an outlet or directly into your laptop or tablet with the usb adapter.
 If you have any questions or comments feel free to drop us a line anytime. If you’re interested in a secret personalized discount, then fill out the ‘Secret Discount’ form at the bottom of the screen. 

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